the Gage

Blog post titleIn every one of us in every country, every race have a “gage”. This gage it the desire to grind, work, push yourself to be better than you were yesterday, than you were a second ago. Although all of use has this gage not all of use poses it. Think of it ass an app n a computer. Their are app in a computer which the user has to install are doesn’t even know about.speedometer-wallpaper-2560x1600 How do you install this gage?

Simple you grind, work, sweat for what you want [p.s :Dukes don’t need they want].and if you are not willing to improve yourself, dominate everything that comes your way. go from zero to twenty from twenty to a hundred the what the FUCK are you doing on the Domain Of Dukes when you are not on?

People like Us, ME and YOU, Dukes  were meant for greatness that’s just the way we were designed. SO IT IS TIME TO STAND THE FUCK UP AND DOMINAIT, RIGHT NOW!

IMPORTANT Don’t be stingy with the success stories my wisdom gives you cause they ARE…..COMMING….your way an I would stingy with mine

by: Rayzor

You have a extraordinary cause let’s face it you deserve it, YOU ARE A DUKE

peace man..

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